Friday, 26 February 2010


Every intentional effort we make towards observing our thoughts, watching  what we do
and changing  some of those attitudes or thoughts  is a victory ....

The victory is the Observation..... observation automatically brings change

Is surprising how little is needed  to change the direction  and things 
we would have had ..... people we would have been without the observation..

Observation changes what we deserve what we merit in life

To attract things we need to deserve them...
Don't look at others  and make judgements as to whether they deserve something or not
That will stop you from progressing ...

We are all in the most perfect place for changing, start were you are ....
You are an individual , you have your individual journey to make
You are responsible only for yourself....
Your change
You can only help others by changing yourself
by being awake more observant

Observation  is the first step to changing something in us -  even the smallest effort we make to  modify a repetitive daily  action, 
a mechanical reaction a habit, good or bad, 
is the change which is good
it exercises the WILL in us ....
Conscious Observation inserts an element of self will in our lives
An Intent ...  A Pointing  towards ..... without this we can not change our future

Most of us live a life led by reactions to events and things 
that is no life .....

We can start by just making little changes
often changes in thoughts and reactions already
create a new parallel life line along which we travel 

We start deviating from where we would have been......
Of course we can't see it ......
but the things we attract with the change we CAN see and enjoy 
and benefit from...

We are no longer the same person as before, reacting 
we are creating....

In life technical and professional qualifications are not 
sufficient to reach the goals we want to reach,

We need  people's skills, mind skills, emotional skills to achive the direction 
we want to go
Slowly we start changing, 
things are more and more what  we wanted ...... 
life slowly moves direction towards our DREAM

attracting  the things you  want  Intentionally
because the source of the change 
comes from YOU

Willing it is not wishing it or thinking about it and wishing you had it....

That is day dreaming 
and just occupies the mind and makes us even more 
asleep and less conscious.........

Concentrate on the observation and in the changing  of the things you dont' like
in your reactiobns , your thoughts , your words, in what you eat
Is not about being better or being worse

A person that observes one self  is automatically good, 
the things it will point towards will be good

The WILLING is a reaction tothe observation and the change
a byproduct
it creates a change in the chemistry inside of you

How to describe it?

It feels different to each one of us....

What it has in common , for all of us 
is that feeling of being in the right place at the right time...
It feels great....
No regrets, you are sure you are doing all you can
the best you can it feels great, is a satisfaction feeling ....

Others  around you perceive an authority in you
a direction a leadership... they
Start looking up to you

The change is invisible   .....  but real at the same time








Thursday, 25 February 2010


EveryChild around the world

Safeguarding children through Child Protection Units
and other networks

Safeguarding children through child protection units (Malawi)Malawi
– In three regions child protection units established by EveryChild in police stations have prosecuted more than 20 child
abuse and exploitation cases and secured 11 convictions
Peru – Our trained volunteer community defenders detected
and reported 91 cases of child abuse and intervened or
referred these to the authorities

Rescuing children from a life on the streets

EveryChild, 4 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DR   |   T +44 (0)20 7749 2468   |   F +44 (0)20 7729 8339


Harpo Funding for artists

Harpo Foundation: Call for Proposals - Funding Cycle 2010
Call for Proposals - Funding Cycle 2010
Harpo Foundation

Marie Lorenz navigating the San Antonio River in her kayak.
July 17, 2007
Courtesy of Artpace San Antonio

Julie Deamer
Phone: 00 +(1) 323-254-0532
Fax: 00 +(1) 323-254-0532

Harpo Foundation
4423-1/2 Mont Eagle Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90041


Mission Harpo Foundation was established in 2006 to support artists who are under recognized by the field. This applies to all artists whether emerging or further along in their careers. We view the definitions of art and artist to be open-ended and expansive.

Deadline: April 15, 2010
Call for Proposals

Deadline: April 15, 2010
Harpo Foundation was established in 2006 to support artists who are under recognized by the field. This applies to all artists whether emerging or further along in their careers. We view the definitions of art and artist to be open-ended and expansive. 

2010 Funding Focus

The relationship between art and site in an era defined by digital technologies is the focus for Harpo Foundation's 2010 funding cycle. Of specific interest is the dialectic between the non-locality of the digital world and the existential physicality of our everyday environment. For example, our sense of place is being drastically altered by web space, which brings geographically distant locations together to form a new kind of locality, yet what's small, local, personal, political and natural informs our vision for a sustainable future; the search for place-bound identity persists.

When site-specific art emerged in the late 1960's, the physical and experiential qualities of a fixed and permanent location inspired the art. Since then, 'site' has been redefined endlessly, turning the tangible, grounded concept into something fluid and transient. Interestingly, in our everyday lives, the local is often seen as losing ground to globalizing dynamics, evoking the question, has place become an ephemeral, fleeting image?

The Foundation is interested in how artists are reclaiming the significance of the local while simultaneously placing themselves and their creative lives within a global context. We are interested in supporting projects that are grounded in the real world, that will draw upon local phenomena, activate social relationships to inspire a community, trigger memory to recall a place's unique history, to name just a few of the ways we see artists addressing site today. We are also interested in supporting projects that explore the idea of place using technologies that challenge our traditional notions of what qualifies as locality.

In pursuing this direction for one year, we hope to shed light on how artists today are locating or siting their work in a dematerializing world and the Foundation will prioritize projects that expand, explore, critique, reconcile, and challenge this 21st century phenomenon.

The deadline for proposals is April 15, 2010.

More information
Visit our website at for more information about the Foundation's past grant recipients, proposal guidelines, and process.

Julie Deamer, Executive Director
Harpo Foundation
4423-1/2 Mont Eagle Place
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Fax: 00 +(1) 323-254-0532

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Elio D'anna Jr - Great Young Composer/Musician

What Elio says of his music

"Music is born from silence...Music is the language of the Dream, able to unite men and nations, beyond any geographical and cultural barrier. Music is the only possible Revolution."
Elio D'Anna Jr.

Link to his music

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Henry Moore -120 works on show at the Tate Gallery London

The work of Britain's most famous sculptor Henry Moore is the subject
of a new exhibition at Tate Britain in London

National Gallery Staff on strike for a minimun London Wage


PCS members work at the National galleries in Uk
as wardens and retail staff.
The staff are taking  strike action today and tomorrow
over the pay offer they have received  from the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square
 which at £7.60 per hour, the staff claim is below the
London Living Wage Standard.
Some staff claim that they need
to claim state subsidies to enable them to continue to
work at the National Gallery under the current wage conditions.

London photographer Alan Roxborough was on the scene at Trafalgar Square this morning.

Pierrick Allemand Oil Painitngs 2010 Show in London

ROA Gallery London
23 February - 19th March
Pierrick Allemand 2010 Solo show
of oil on canvas works -
Open 11 - 6.30
Pierrick Allemand is a French figurative portrait painter. His pictorial universe has been influenced by the 1950's old Europe and the contemporary America. Pierrick's inspirations are clearly town-dwellers. We can see New York and Paris in his work with its dynamic streets, Barcelona with its retro style. The link with all these cities are the women he watches and glorifies in his paintings.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Most Prestigious Art Space for hire in London

 La Galleria in Pall Mall  has 165 sq mts of exhibition space next to Trafalgar square.
Contact 0207 930 8069

Saturday, 20 February 2010

MOCA appoints New Director

Sale of Prints on Museum quality art paper
by renowned Artists:

Alan Roxborough , Andrew Davidson ,
Arthur Robins , Brian Grimwood ,
Chris Wormell , Clare Melinsky ,
David Holmes , George Hardie
Jane Bristoweand Paul Redman .

Framed £195 each
Un framed £150 each
Postage extra

All prints are available in a very limited London edition run of only 30 copies of each signed and numbered by the individual artist.

Hire the most Central Art Gallery In London

The Royal Opera Arcade – (ROA) Gallery is in Pall Mall London between Lower Regent Street and Haymarket Street opposite the Institute of Directors and close to the Theatre Royal.

The ROA Gallery has three floors of exhibition space at the south entrance to the Arcade.
Galleries are available for Hire for art shows
and corporate events.
To hire contact
tel 0207 930 8069

Leoanardo Lucchi

Leonardo Lucchi, is represented in Uk by La Galleria in Pall Mall, his bronzes are available for purchase all year round.
Leonardo was born in Cesena on 9th December 1952, lives and works in his hometown. He accomplished his studies at the Art School of Ceramics in Faenza where he graduated in 1970. During the decade 1980-1990 he takes part in various editions of the exhibition "Biennale Giovani", while personal exhibitions are held in Ravenna (1980), Riccione (1981), Modena (1988) and in Rome, at Galleria F. Russo (1988).

In 1991 he is back in Rome with a personal exhibition and later, that year, he is in London, at the Accademia Italiana delle Arti e delle Arti Applicate. At the same time, he organizes an exhibition of his works in a restored 18th century Fishmonger.

In 1992 he exhibits in Venice, San Marco (Studio d'Arte Equus), to which, in in 1993 and 1995, other exhibitions follow in Rovigo, at Palazzo Roncale. In 1994 he's in France, at the Galerie des Quais, Besançon; and later, in 1995, he is back in Paris, at Galerie Sanguine, La Rochelle.

Designer Cricket Bat Wine Rack by Oke

Gallery Available for Hire

New Amazing Danny Oke Wineracks

anny Oke Wood Wine Display Racks

The Galleria is the only supplier of the OKE Winerack
(Patented Design)
The racks are hand crafted
Bespoke and made in Wood
by Danny OKE in Devon UK

Stiletto is available in various colours and
3 bottles or 5 bottles.
The wineracks can be personalised for special
gifts or awards.