Saturday, 20 February 2010

Leoanardo Lucchi

Leonardo Lucchi, is represented in Uk by La Galleria in Pall Mall, his bronzes are available for purchase all year round.
Leonardo was born in Cesena on 9th December 1952, lives and works in his hometown. He accomplished his studies at the Art School of Ceramics in Faenza where he graduated in 1970. During the decade 1980-1990 he takes part in various editions of the exhibition "Biennale Giovani", while personal exhibitions are held in Ravenna (1980), Riccione (1981), Modena (1988) and in Rome, at Galleria F. Russo (1988).

In 1991 he is back in Rome with a personal exhibition and later, that year, he is in London, at the Accademia Italiana delle Arti e delle Arti Applicate. At the same time, he organizes an exhibition of his works in a restored 18th century Fishmonger.

In 1992 he exhibits in Venice, San Marco (Studio d'Arte Equus), to which, in in 1993 and 1995, other exhibitions follow in Rovigo, at Palazzo Roncale. In 1994 he's in France, at the Galerie des Quais, Besançon; and later, in 1995, he is back in Paris, at Galerie Sanguine, La Rochelle.

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