Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A New "Titian" painter , Colin Frooms showing at the ROA gallery

Colin Froom's classical dancer  is a perfect contemporary Titian style nude painting
Colin's nude  has the same gracefulness, the composition is perfect .
What a beautiful painting!!!!!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

La Galleria Pall Mall Available for hire in September 2010

 The Gallery is available for hire for art exhibitions and corporate events, close to Tafalgar Square and the West End Theatres is the perfect location for your art show.

Competitive weekly hire rates
Contact 02079308069

West End Live June 19th 2010

A public chance to see a clip from all the west end shows live on Leicester Square on Staurday and Sunday
amazing voices wonderful dancers, really helps you to choose your next show.
 Here images of , We will Rock Rock and Love Never Dies.

Columbine III Painting by Klaus Wagger

The Klaus Wagger  aircraft painting on display at La Galleria in Pall Mall, the only VC-121E built, was President Dwight Eisenhower’s personal airplane between 1954 and 1961. Mrs. Eisenhower christened it Columbine III in honor of the official flower of Colorado, her adopted home state, in ceremonies on Nov. 24, 1954. Columbine III served as the presidential aircraft until President Eisenhower left office in January 1961. It remained in service transporting government officials and visiting foreign dignitarie throughout the world until it was retired to the museum in 1966. "

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Colin S. Frooms new works coming to ROA gallery

Detail of  the painting Firebird  by colin Frooms  on show from the 6th July 2010

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sam Ludden sculptures on show at the ROA Gallery

Adam Keeling

A selling exhibition of new sculptures and wheel-thrown ceramics by Adam Keeling, Simon Garne, Jim Keeling and Sam Ludden at the ROA Gallery in Pall Mall

Sam Ludden sculptures on show at the ROA Gallery

Sam Ludden's current exhibition in the ROA Gallery has a series of beautiful garden ceramic sculptures
with a unique Kiwi  feel about them.

My interest in ceramics and sculpture began at 15 working with a well-known local artist, Paul Melser. He
supported and encouraged me and from there I attended art college to study Ceramics Design and
Production. On completion of the Diploma Course I traveled to Europe and continued my studies in pottery
and sculpture in the north of England and south of France. Since my return to NZ seven years ago I have
established a pottery studio with two kilns, a large workshop and a showroom. I have a recognizable style
and have produced a large body of work. This includes solo exhibitions at Terra Terre in France and at
Aratoi Museum of History and Culture in Masterton, a joint exhibition at River East Gallery in Greytown
and a number of group exhibitions around New Zealand. In January 2008 I was accepted to exhibit at the
“Shapeshifter” Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at the New Dowse Public Gallery in Lower Hutt. This New
Zealand International Festival of the Arts 2008 event features over 50 exciting works by emerging and
established Kiwi sculptors. I am successfully selling my works through several galleries around New
Zealand. I have played a leading role in the creation of “Main Artery” a collective of artists and craftspeople
promoting Wairarapa art and I am currently Chairperson of this group. I have also been active in promoting
Culture and the Arts in my community regularly working with schools and community groups. Most
recently, Sam was the sole artist selected to submit a proposal for a large public sculpture in Masterton,
commissioned by the Masterton Trust Lands Trust.

Original Oil on canvas artworks by Lilia Mazurkevich

Happy on Top £1950
Oil on canvas by
Artist by Lilia Mazurkevich
Born 1966 Brest - Belarus
BA Art and Design College Kiev
High Diploma Fine Art -London Art School

at the ROA gallery Pall Mall

Louise Giblin's Sculptures available at the ROA gallery in pall mall


 Check out the webiste for the available prints of Tom Lewis .
Delivery 2-3 days.  for images

Credit card payments  over the phone 11-6pm

Klaus Wagger's original vintage racing cars artworks

Unforgetable Moments -images on
Don't miss the amazing artworks in Pall Mall of austrian artist  Klaus Wagger.
His work is unique, inspiring and moving. 

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Colin s. Frooms


A Collection of original large oil on canvas paintings as well as drawings in conte' and pastels by the British artist Colin S. Foorms opens at the Royal opera Arcade gallery on July 6- August 6th

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


 Order your Tom Lewis prints at the ROA website

Sorry if your favourite is sold out, those on the website are still available .
Delivery 1-2 weeks.

Tom Lewis is a premium degree pencil wizard, and mouse master of the first order. Born in Birmingham in 1979, he is at present working as an artist and illustrator in the east end of London.
Leaving his A-Levels to fend for themselves, he left school to study art at college and went on to a Fine Art degree at Middlesex University. Whilst at University Tom had a very strange experience on a train, which sparked the series of events that lead us here. The story is too long to be told now although, briefly, it led to the creation of a mythological 18th century French philosopher, the forging of a sword and the images that you see today.
His work can be described as an attempt to order that which he cannot, to create meaning where there is none and provide narrative to an otherwise story-less situation. Alternatively, for the moment, he likes the phrase ‘beautiful nonsensical meaning’.
The ideas for characters come from a mixture of random doodling and a fascination with really weird people. Both of which became obsessions whilst working part time in an Arts and Crafts shop to fund his painting habit. The background accompanying each character forms part of the epic story that lives inside Tom’s head. It is constantly evolving, and has the unfortunate ability to make him laugh out loud in public.
Tom works with a variety of techniques and processes to achieve the end result, be it a Giclee print, canvas or digital file. Usually starting with a pencil, he uses marker pens, biros, acrylic paint, aerosol cans, airbrushes, varnish, cardboard, digital camera, computer and fingers. Though not necessarily in that order.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lady Diana's auction results

Lady Diana's Emanuel's black dress at auction at La Galleria in Pall Mall today, just sold for £192,000 + commissions to Jorge Yarua from Chile.

The chifon blouse and the calico toile sold for £26,400 and £20, 000 to Newbridge Silverware Museum Ireland.
Well done Kerry Taylor. The total sales for the Emanuel Royal Collection sold for £282,720 .
The kerry Taylor Auction  Passion for Fashion  starts at 14.00 today at La Galleria Pall Mall, among the
very special dresses are the balck dress worn by lady Diana designed by Elizabeth Emanuele estimated to be
worth £50,000. Registration on site at La Galleria in Sw1y 4Uy or  bid online .
Dont miss it.
The auction is on till 17.30 today.