Friday, 26 February 2010


Every intentional effort we make towards observing our thoughts, watching  what we do
and changing  some of those attitudes or thoughts  is a victory ....

The victory is the Observation..... observation automatically brings change

Is surprising how little is needed  to change the direction  and things 
we would have had ..... people we would have been without the observation..

Observation changes what we deserve what we merit in life

To attract things we need to deserve them...
Don't look at others  and make judgements as to whether they deserve something or not
That will stop you from progressing ...

We are all in the most perfect place for changing, start were you are ....
You are an individual , you have your individual journey to make
You are responsible only for yourself....
Your change
You can only help others by changing yourself
by being awake more observant

Observation  is the first step to changing something in us -  even the smallest effort we make to  modify a repetitive daily  action, 
a mechanical reaction a habit, good or bad, 
is the change which is good
it exercises the WILL in us ....
Conscious Observation inserts an element of self will in our lives
An Intent ...  A Pointing  towards ..... without this we can not change our future

Most of us live a life led by reactions to events and things 
that is no life .....

We can start by just making little changes
often changes in thoughts and reactions already
create a new parallel life line along which we travel 

We start deviating from where we would have been......
Of course we can't see it ......
but the things we attract with the change we CAN see and enjoy 
and benefit from...

We are no longer the same person as before, reacting 
we are creating....

In life technical and professional qualifications are not 
sufficient to reach the goals we want to reach,

We need  people's skills, mind skills, emotional skills to achive the direction 
we want to go
Slowly we start changing, 
things are more and more what  we wanted ...... 
life slowly moves direction towards our DREAM

attracting  the things you  want  Intentionally
because the source of the change 
comes from YOU

Willing it is not wishing it or thinking about it and wishing you had it....

That is day dreaming 
and just occupies the mind and makes us even more 
asleep and less conscious.........

Concentrate on the observation and in the changing  of the things you dont' like
in your reactiobns , your thoughts , your words, in what you eat
Is not about being better or being worse

A person that observes one self  is automatically good, 
the things it will point towards will be good

The WILLING is a reaction tothe observation and the change
a byproduct
it creates a change in the chemistry inside of you

How to describe it?

It feels different to each one of us....

What it has in common , for all of us 
is that feeling of being in the right place at the right time...
It feels great....
No regrets, you are sure you are doing all you can
the best you can it feels great, is a satisfaction feeling ....

Others  around you perceive an authority in you
a direction a leadership... they
Start looking up to you

The change is invisible   .....  but real at the same time



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