Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Swing, Sarong and The Skipping Rope: Three masterpieces by Leonardo Lucchi

Three of the most interesting sculptures of Leonardo Lucchi are The Swing, Sarong and The Skipping Rope. Their poses are all in movement, three beautiful girls playing, ready to escape the room and go outdoors. This 'unstatic' tendency that they have is the sculpture's main brilliance, at least for my part. Without escaping into abstract shapes, the sculptor has achieved a figurative perfection and at the same time absolute movement. Placing each of these sculptures in a room creates a light positive atmosphere that can drive us back to our pleasurable childhood memories. You shouldn't miss the opportunity to see them live in Lucchi's Exhibition at ROA Gallery in Pall Mall (12th until the 28th of April).

 Irene Kalligas

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