Saturday, 16 April 2011

Alison Knight and Richard Trench

The Antisomnambulist show, La Galleria Pall Mall April 18-21, 2011.
“ Last time it was Assemblage art and a matching photographic story- Jane and the Ape, a photographic tale of Passion. This time promises another adventure into the somewhat surreal world of this London based duo, the Antisomnambulists.” – David Clarke

‘My Map of Your Life’ (and other stories): Assemblage by Alison Knight
‘Lisette’s Dream’: Photographs by Richard Trench, ARPS

This is the second show by the unusual London based duo.  Alison Knight’s intriguing and often amusing assemblages  dovetail nicely with the photographs of  Richard Trench who specialises in the somewhat niche area of making emotive images from miniature antique figures, often using elements of Alison’s assemblage pieces.
The odd thing about both the photographs and the assemblages is their strange dreamlike quality and in the case of the images, a curious ability to make scale irrelevant compared to the emotive content. 

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