Monday, 7 February 2011

Spirit Of Art Exhibition at la Galleria Pall Mall

"Spirit of art"
An international visual art exhibition will be opened at La Gallery Pall Mall Gallery on March 20th -26.03.2011. The exhibition is curate and organized by the art curator and artist, Mrs Zina Bercovici.
About 41 artists from 12 countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America sent their finest art paints, collages, and sculptures to the exhibition.The name of the artists are:Sissel Auland,Eva Avi Iona,Zina Bercovici,Therese Boisclair,Dagmar Calais.Allessia Carrara,Julia Carter,Leila Chalabi.Cosimo Corola ,Randy Covey,Inger Dillan Antonsen,Nina Dreyerhenjum,Marit Eide Rosendal,Baruch Elron,Maureen Fain,Kirsten Fleming,Karen Frostig,Mina Gampel,Vera Gelert,Kerry Groneng,Susan Kerr,Hilde Klomp, Solomon Leviev,Mais,Idit Makover,Einat Maor,Yeruham Mazan,Hanna Oren Hupper,Bruno Pascal,Nikki Perzuck,Renee Politzer,Liat Politzer,Barbara Robinsohn,Ruth SEGAL,Edy Snir,Wilma Veen,Patrizia Viviana De Filippo,Vladin Vladev,Avril Doctor,Batya Bombigher,Sonia Eisenberg,It is a fist of colors and shapes from various techniques. The curator put a versatile collection from the world. Each artist exhibits his style, his religious, his beliefs and his culture which merges in an endless kaleidoscope of styles and color.  Since the artworks are coming from many countries and cultures, the spectator feels as being in multi worlds. It is a storm of colors, nuances and visual images. Very stimulates the eyes of the visitor. The collection makes different people and countries to communicate among themselves.
The human and the woman bodies are represented in many of the works. Though human body in any culture is the same. It is interesting to see how each artist put in his perspective and colors this subject. Each art work comes with its different ethnic, age and shape.
Different techniques are used. From paints on canvas, bronze status and collages. 
The exhibition incorporates works of 41 best artists that are famous at their countries. Their works are part of private collections and museums around the world. They participated in various international art exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia.
One can only admire the richness of the collection. Art lovers and art collectors should not miss  The exhibition will be opened to public from 21st of March.

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