Friday, 5 November 2010

Hire La Galleria Pall Mall to host your artshow

 If you are having difficulty in finding a gallery to represent you, one alternative is to hire a gallery to  host your show.

Galleries can be hired usually on a weekly basis , and you can share the hire costs with other artists and do a group show. To do a group show you will need a gallery big enough to enable all artists to showcase their work

The adavantage of a group show  are :
-Sharing the costs of the hire
-Sharing the selling of the works
-Sharing mailing lists
-Sharing press contacts

Hire galleries normally provide only the space, location and facilities  and you are responsible for everything else connected to the exhibition

In Pall Mall you have  three for hire galleries:

The Mall Galleries -
La Galleria Pall Mall   -
ROA Gallery             -
87 St James's Gallery

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