Saturday, 6 November 2010

Aziralili Art Exhibition at the ROA Gallery - Pall Mall

Aziralili Art Exhibition 

At the ROA Gallery from Monday 8th November for 2 weeks

"Life is a fascination - as the artist shows in her every painting
   Her arrival into the world in a small Polish town , in a esteemed familly significantly
determined the development and future life of Aziralili .
   She is a grdauate of the University in Wroclaw .
During her time at school - study - she travels a lot . At this moment a large variety
of work is emering from her .
She also designed a spring/summer clothes collection , which was later entered into
production .
   After finishing her studies , Aziralili  has a variety of possibilities open to her in continuing
to work on her technique - she paints , sketchers and exhibits her works .
In creating a family a new priority will come forward - her child .
   New experiences and challenges gave birth to a new outlook onto reality - her hypnotic
paintings were exhibited  in Germany , USA , and Poland .
   Aziralili can increasingly give more of herself towards  her passion - painting emotions , experiences and desires in paintings . They are structurally diverse expressions
resulting from the repetition of similar elements found amongs the universe . Its rules and
laws of nature , coded in our sub-consciousness , guide us .
They decide what we find desirable and attractive"

Painting by  Agnieska Aziralili

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